The Precision That Comes With Massive Sample Sizes

Is bigger better? In the case of the PlugInsights panel, the answer is clearly yes. With extreme sample depth comes the ability to find exactly the segments you’re looking for. Make and model? Demographics? BEV or PHEV? Geography? Attitudes? Opinions? Other vehicles owned or leased? Behaviors? No problem.

We can even track how the PEV driver population has morphed over a half decade. You’ll find thousands of ways to slice and dice our driver profiles.

Data integrity matters. So we always try to make sure that our samples reflect the overall EV population. The key? We weight all samples to reflect the latest monthly sales figures for the EV installed base so that no driver group unfairly “outshouts” any other.

While most of our panelists are US drivers, we can also provide significant samples of Canadian drivers. We have hundreds of panelists in over a dozen other countries too, great for qualitative interviews and focus groups.