What Can We Do for You?

Survey Research

Most of the work we do for clients is custom survey research. First, we consult with clients to help them define actionable research objectives. Then we create and program questionnaires, field surveys, analyze the results, and provide detailed reporting, along with deep strategic analysis.

Qualitative Research

Need to locate drivers in a highly specific segment and geography for focus groups or one-on-one interviews? We have detailed profiling data and contact information on all panel members, making recruitment a snap. We can moderate qualitative research, author guides/reports, and book facilities, too. Another powerful qualitative option: online interviews, where we pose detailed questions to drivers and capture their written responses for our analysis and your review.

Proprietary Learning

The insights we generate are yours and yours alone. In the fast-moving, highly competitive EV category, we always operate under NDA and observe strict confidentiality, bringing clients answers that give them a proprietary advantage.

A Few Recent Projects…

  • Purchase interest in next-gen EVs
  • Charging behaviors
  • Battery degradation
  • Solar adoption among EV owners
  • Future vehicle concepts
  • The EV purchase process
  • The dealer experience
  • Apps portals and telematics
  • Changing category demographics
  • The public charging infrastructure
  • Satisfaction,and loyalty
  • The used EV market
  • Driving patterns and battery range
  • Price elasticity
  • Market size projections